Discover how to make a gra-tea-tude journal at home

Free Live Webinar • Friday, 22nd May • 1pm GMT


Erica Moore - Founder, eteaket tea

Cass Barron - Founder, Bookbinding with Cass

Discover how to create a gratitude journal at home & how implementing a daily gratitude tea routine will empower you to live more.

  • You'll be able to make a journal using materials you have at home: special limited edition kits available & full video instructions.
  • Mindfulness: We will begin with a simple mindful tea tasting with Positivitea & Orange Oolong Supreme. 
  • We will introduce the Tea In Mind concept: These simple 3 min tea routines will empower you to pause, re-balance & create a calming space for your mind.
  • A daily gratitude practice is beneficial for mental & emotional health: discover the benefits yourself right away.
  • Optional 14 day gratitude challenge: Download your 14 day gratitude challenge printable to get you started.
  • Make some extra journals to gift to your friends & loved ones: ironically, this selfless act can actually make you feel great too.

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